About City Compo

Mumbai - largest waste treatment plant in Asia according to Western standards.

4,000 tones of muncipal waste are taken to the kanjur waste management centre daily, equalling up to 200 trucks an hour. Design to produce compost-like output (CLO), The Compost Systems biological treatment plant is located right inside this centre.

Initial steps to construct a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plantwere taken back in 2010. However, a legal dispute held back progress on the building project for several year (not an uncommon occurrence in India).Construction was restarted in December 2015 and the plant is scheduled to start operating in November 2016. After the initial development stage, the plant will accept 1,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day with 500 tons of the waste to be processed in the Compost Systems biological treatment plant.

Waste will undergo biological treatment in four rapid rotting treatment system based on the newEARTH process for four weeks. A mechanical process will then remove the organic waste. The compost will subsequently undergo further degradation, so that it can finally be used as a culture substrate. Recycling materials will also be separated and substitute fuel produced.

The plant will be the largest waste treatment plant built according to Western standards in Asia.