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Antony Lara Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has constructed, installed and operates India's largest Solid Waste Processing Facility.

At the Kanjur Solid Waste Processing Facility, we receive and process mixed Municipal Solid Waste from City of Mumbai. We utilize a Material Recovery System to separate out the organic fraction in the waste stream. The recovered organic fraction is sent to our Compost Facility, where our system breaks down the organics into compost. No chemicals or sprays are used in our process. We let Mother Nature do her magic. The results are a beautiful and clean 100% Organic Compost.

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Organic Compost is manufactured with technology sourced from US & Europe.


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What is Organic Composting?

Organic Composting is a aerobic biological process using NO chemicals or sprays. Organic Composting is a natural process utilizing other Nature for decomposing the organics. Our Organic Compost is a dark brown, odorless, soli-like material with high quantities of organic carbon and nutrients.

Why Compost?

Organic Compost replenishes the soil with nutrients that have been depleted over thousands of years of farming. These nutrients are food for whatever you are growing.

Organic Compost improves solif fertility, structure and water holding capacity. By recovering the organic from mixed waste and converting to compost, we reduce the amount of material going into the landfills.

Methodology for Compost Plant

  1. 1. Separated Compostable Material from the MRF will be transported by skips to receiving floors at Compost Facility.
  2. 2. This material will be taken into the Compost Pad Area by front end loaders and formed into windrows
  3. 3. The windrows will be constructed on top of air and liquid collection system for control of odors and leachate.
  4. 4. The windrows will be turned twice a week using a Windrow Turner and after 28 days, the finished organic compost will be transported to a 25mm screen and then to the aerated maturing area for 10-14 days until the moisture content is reduced to optimum levels.
  5. 5. After Maturing is done, the material will be screened to 4 MM sizing and then pass through a Destoner for removal of all material that is not compost; small pieces of glass, plastic and/ or paper.
  6. 6. The finished Organic Compost is now ready for use in farming, gardening (terrace or indoor), landscaping and other soil applications where, increasing nutrient levels is vital.

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